What is ReframeAI?

What is ReframeAI?

ReframeAI: An Open-source, Low-Code Databases Powered by AI Agents

ReframeAI is a new low-code database powered by AI agents that is transforming how companies manage and leverage their data.
Businesses today are drowning in data. As companies digitize more of their operations, the amount of data they generate continues to grow exponentially. This data holds immense value - insights that can drive innovation, optimize processes, and understand customers more deeply. But harnessing the power of this data is difficult. Traditional databases require specialized expertise to build, maintain, and extract insights. The costs of these legacy systems keep rising, while their ability to handle rapidly growing and changing data remains limited.

Low-Code Meets the Future

Reframe combines the simplicity and flexibility of a low-code platform with cutting-edge AI capabilities. Users with no technical background can visually build databases, models, and workflows in an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. But under the simple surface lies an advanced AI engine.
Reframe’s AI Agents automate many of the tedious, manual data tasks that once bogged down data teams. For example, AI Agents can automatically index data for faster search and retrieval, monitor data quality, and optimize database performance. Teams can also build custom agents for data transformation, analysis, and more.

Automating Workflows from Start to Finish

With Reframe, users can automate entire workflows from beginning to end with AI Agent Orchestrators. Orchestrators allow users to string together sequences of agents into end-to-end processes.
For example, an orchestrator could:
  • Trigger when new data comes in
  • Use agents to validate, clean, and normalize the data
  • Enrich it with external sources
  • Run analytics models
  • Generate reports and visualizations
  • Save outputs to storage
  • Notify users of results
This automation not only saves time and money, but also makes workflows more robust, scalable, and error-proof.

Say Goodbye to Data Bottlenecks

Legacy databases are notorious for creating data bottlenecks. Reframe eliminates these bottlenecks by combining the flexibility of a data lake with the speed of a warehouse. Users can ingest data from diverse sources in any format or schema. Reframe’s metadata management allows users to impose structure when needed while retaining raw flexibility.
With Reframe’s high-performance caching and query acceleration, users can analyze data immediately upon ingestion. Reframe also scales elastically to handle spikes in data volume without degradation in performance.

The Future of Your Data Tech Stack

As data volumes and complexity continue to surge, managing data with legacy tools is no longer sustainable. Reframe represents the future of data infrastructure - simple, intelligent, and optimizing itself. By combining a low-code interface with the power of AI, Reframe provides the agility and automation needed to thrive in the data-driven future.