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Supercharge your inbound lead research with AI agents

Reframe AI empowers sales professionals with Virtual AI Assistants that conduct thorough research on their inbound leads, improving customer understanding and boosting conversion.

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Here's how Reframe helps you convert more quality leads with ultrafast inbound lead research
Gain insights with smart recognition
Import data on your inbound leads from far and wide. Reframe's entity recognition feature swiftly analyzes your data, identifying and creating cohesive profiles of your leads so you can focus on strategic decision-making.
Prompt - Instruct AI agents your way
Type prompts in clear and expressive language and AI agents get the work done for you. Reframe fetches data from various sources like Google, LinkedIn, Apollo, and visits website URLs. We do the heavy lifting, ensuring you get the data you need faster.
Meaningful data extracted from multivariate sources
Stop going on various fragmented sites researching your leads. Our agents execute prompt tasks swiftly delivering comprehensive insights in seconds. Reframe fetches only quality data from responses of various forms and sizes, all for you.
Enriched CRM to focus on what matters
Sync Reframe with your CRM to create a data workflow cycle that empowers you with rich customer profiles ultrafast so you can focus on high-value interactions and close more deals faster. No CRM, no problemo, generate forms from your dataframe and auto-populate inputs.
Use cases
Unleash a paradigm shift in your data workflow
Elevate your data workflow with Reframe for sales, research, contact enrichment and more. The possibilities are limitless - tailor it to your teams needs and experience a new way to work with data.
Inbound Lead Research
Know your leads to close deals. Discover more about your top prospects faster with Reframe AI.
teaser demo for Inbound Lead Research
Market Research
Dive deep into the latest market insights and trends with Reframe. Research in seconds not days.
teaser demo for Market Research
Contact Enrichment
Enrich your contact profiles, ensure every interaction is backed by accurate and updated data.
teaser demo for Contact Enrichment
As the founder of an early-stage startup, I relied on a patchwork of tools like Zopto, Apollo, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and manual searches to try to piece together information about potential clients and partners. It was time-consuming and overwhelming. Once I started using Reframe AI, I was amazed at how their AI agents aggregated everything into unified profile summaries for each target contact and company, giving updated contact information.
Review from Cyder's Cofounder
Sukhman Dulay
Cofounder, Cyder
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