Reframe Architecture

This page provides a high-level view of the Reframe architecture and how the components fit together to deliver a seamless workflow automation experience.

Browser-based Editor

The Reframe editor is accessed via a modern web browser. This allows users to visually build workflows, manage data sources, organize workflows, and collaborate - all within a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Backend Workflow Engine

The backend workflow engine handles executing workflows constructed in the browser-based editor. It manages routing data between building blocks, applying logic, orchestrating AI agents, and integrating with data sources. The workflow engine tracks execution state and handles errors.

AI Modules

Reframe workflows leverage a library of AI modules for natural language processing, computer vision, predictive analytics, etc. These modules encapsulate the underlying AI models and provide simple interfaces for workflow integration. New AI modules are continually added to expand capabilities.

Integration Layer

The integration layer enables connecting workflows to external systems via API, Zapier, webhook callbacks, and other methods. Workflows can ingest data from sources like databases, SaaS platforms, and storage systems. Workflow results can also be sent to external destinations.

Organization Manager

Users, teams, permissions, environments, and other organization-level components are managed by the organization manager. Folder trees organize related workflows and control access. Org settings and roles are also defined here.

Asset Storage

Input data, workflow results, logs, embedddings, and other assets generated during workflow execution are stored securely on a combination of databases and object storage. Assets are assigned references for retrieval.

Monitoring and Observability

Monitoring provides visibility into workflow executions, system health metrics, logs, and errors. Users can trace workflow runs to debug and optimize. Alerting notifies users of issues.

Cloud Infrastructure

The Reframe application is deployed across cloud infrastucture components including servers, containers, load balancers, databases, caching, storage, and networking. The cloud architecture provides scalable, reliable platform services.
This covers the key components that make up the Reframe platform. Let us know if you have any other architecture or technical questions!