Recruiting top talent is more competitive than ever. As a recruiter, you're constantly searching for ways to work smarter and faster while still maintaining high quality results. That's why I'm excited to tell you about Reframe. Reframe empowers you with dozens of tireless AI agents that leverage the power of large language models to take recruitment to the next level.
In this post, I'll walk through how Reframe's AI agents can help you streamline various recruiting tasks, reducing the busywork while improving outcomes. Whether you're sourcing candidates, researching companies, or communicating with applicants, Reframe has an AI agent to help. Read on to see how this revolutionary platform can change the game for recruiting.

Automating Candidate Sourcing:

One of the most time-consuming parts of recruiting is sourcing - finding and connecting with qualified, interested candidates for open roles. Reframe's AI agents can automate large parts of this process to help you work smarter.
The LinkedIn agent can search profiles on LinkedIn based on criteria you specify. It can then extract contact info, profiles details, skills, and more. No more manual searching and data entry!
The Web Search agent crawls the web to find potential candidates based on keywords and parameters you provide. You instantly have a list of prospects to evaluate and reach out to.
The Email agent can even handle drafting and sending initial messages to potential candidates identified by the other AI agents. This allows you to focus on more strategic tasks.

Researching Companies and Roles:

Reframe AI agents excel at company and industry research too. The Web Search agent can find news, financial information, culture descriptions, and more for companies you want to learn about.
The Company Research agent has access to comprehensive news databases and search engines to investigate a candidate's previous employers. When a candidate's background includes companies that have recently had layoffs, the agent can find relevant announcements and coverage.
For example, if Alice worked at Acme Co. from January 2018 to September 2020, the agent would search for terms like "Acme layoffs" or "Acme downsizing". It might find news articles or press releases reporting Acme laid off 15% of staff in August 2020.
The agent can parse these results to identify the timing, scale, and nature of the layoffs. It also extracts key details like which business units, roles, or locations were impacted.
By cross-referencing the layoff timeline with Alice's employment dates, the agent can assess likelihood her departure was voluntary or due to being let go. In this case it would flag Alice as probably being part of the layoffs in August 2020.
The agent might also uncover additional color on the circumstances, like quotes from executives on the business challenges driving the layoffs. This provides recruiters useful context around Alice's experience at Acme Co. and any gaps it may have created in her resume.
The Job Description agent can analyze open positions and highlight key requirements, skills, and responsibilities. This helps you understand the role and assess candidate fit.
The LinkedIn agent provides insider info by identifying current employees at the company. You can learn about their backgrounds, experience levels, and tenures.

Streamlining Communication:

Communicating with candidates and coordinating interviews can also be simplified by Reframe's AI agents.
The Email agent can handle scheduling emails and confirmations, freeing you up for more meaningful exchanges.
The Chat agent can have intelligent text conversations with candidates to screen them before an interview. This weeds out unqualified applicants early on.
And the Recruiter Meeting Notes agent can transcribe notes during interviews and meetings to summarize key points and action items.

In depth Research of Candidate backgrounds

Here are some additional examples of how Reframe's AI agents can research candidates and their previous companies to augment the recruitment process:
  • The Resume Parsing agent can quickly read and extract key details from a batch of resumes. This includes previous companies, titles, dates of employment, skills, and responsibilities.
  • The Company Research agent can then enrich this candidate data by looking up insights on their previous employers. For example:
  • Fetching the LinkedIn Company Page to see current employee headcount, especially in the candidate's previous role. This provides visibility into team size and scope they operated in.
  • Searching news databases to identify any recent layoffs at the company. The agent can then cross-reference the candidate's employment dates to assess if they left voluntarily or due to downsizing.
  • Looking up the company's quarterly financial reports to gauge business performance during the candidate's tenure. Rapid growth or decline provides useful context.
  • Finding company announcements for any major events like new product launches, mergers, or leadership changes that impacted the organization.
  • Comparing reported revenue, profit, and team growth over time at the company. This quantifies expansion or contraction while the candidate was an employee.
  • Checking for any published employee satisfaction surveys or ratings on sites like Glassdoor to assess work culture perceptions.
  • Scanning industry and local news coverage for notable company achievements or controversies during the period of employment.
By automatically generating these kinds of insights into a candidate's background, Reframe's AI agents enable recruiters to make more informed assessments of work histories and employer contexts. The agents handle the busywork of research, allowing recruiters to focus on higher-value evaluation and engagement with candidates. Reframe supercharges and scales the critical process of due diligence on prospective hires.


Reframe brings the power of AI directly into recruiting, automating repetitive and low-value tasks. This allows you as a recruiter to focus on high-impact relationship building, evaluation, negotiation, and strategy. I'm excited to see how much more productive and successful I can be leveraging Reframe's AI agent capabilities. And I know it will allow you to take your recruiting to the next level too! Let me know if you have any other questions!