Wealth Management - Increase Your Deal Flow with AI-Powered Lead Research

Wealth Management - Increase Your Deal Flow with AI-Powered Lead Research

As a wealth manager, your time is incredibly valuable. You can't afford to waste hours performing manual research on leads when you could be meeting with high-net-worth prospects. That's where Reframe comes in.
Reframe is a revolutionary no-code database that leverages AI agents to automate tedious lead research tasks. Simply upload your spreadsheet of potential new mover leads into Reframe and our AI agents will get to work analyzing each contact.

Research on HNW Individuals in Niches

Identifying a niche is critical for wealth managers looking to specialize and stand out in a competitive market. Reframe acts upon an existing seed database, allowing you to quickly qualify leads who meet a specific criteria using both positive and negative signals in a particular domain.

Identifying High Net Worth Retirees

Reframe AI leverages its advanced AI agents to sift through local property records, pinpointing residential transactions exceeding a luxury threshold, for instance, $1.5 million. These transactions are the initial filter used to identify potential high net worth retirees. Following this, the AI cross-references the names from these property sales with public records, focusing on indicators such as age and previous occupation information, to identify those likely to be retirees.
To deepen the qualification process, Reframe's AI agents then examine social media profiles and other publicly available data to gather insights into the retiree's lifestyle, past professional roles, and signs of wealth—such as historical executive positions, board memberships, or significant philanthropic activities. This step ensures a comprehensive understanding of the individual's financial standing and investment potential.
Further analysis of mortgage records assists in identifying the down payment made on the luxury property. A substantial down payment could suggest the retiree has considerable liquid assets, potentially from retirement packages, successful investments, or selling a previous property. The AI also evaluates the home equity to assess if the retiree possesses significant wealth in real estate assets, further qualifying them as a high net worth individual.
In summary, Reframe's AI agents are adept at identifying high net worth retirees who have recently invested in luxury properties, demonstrating financial capability through high down payments, and exhibiting a lifestyle and professional history indicative of significant wealth accumulation. This precision allows wealth managers to target retirees who not only have the means but may also be looking for wealth management services to optimize their retirement savings and investment portfolios.

Identifying High Net Worth Professionals in their 20s and 30s

With Reframe's AI agents gathering intelligence at scale, wealth managers can pinpoint up-and-coming professionals poised for higher earnings and sudden liquidity events. Making inroads early allows you to become their trusted advisor as wealth accumulates over their career. Here are some specific tactics a wealth manager could use to target high-net-worth professionals in their 20s and 30s:
  • Search LinkedIn for profiles with titles like "associate", "senior analyst", "lead engineer", etc at prestigious law firms, investment banks, tech companies, and other well-paying industries. Analyze their experience, education, connections, and other indicators of high income potential.
  • Visit the websites of top local employers to scan leadership pages and identify young partners, executives, and senior managers. Recent promotions can indicate sudden increases in income.
  • Set up Google News alerts for large funding rounds, IPOs, and acquisitions involving local companies. Identify and target young executives likely receiving stock payouts.
  • Attend local tech and startup networking events to connect with entrepreneurs and early employees of fast-growing private companies. Get ahead of an eventual liquidity event.
  • Review industry-specific "30 Under 30" and "40 Under 40" lists highlighting rising stars across business, healthcare, law, and other fields.
  • Follow business journals and local tech blogs to stay aware of new companies, big expansions, large contracts, and other events that boost hiring and salaries.
  • Check city business filings to identify young founders and partners of companies experiencing rapid growth.

Emerging affluent or high net worth individuals who are investment-savvy risk takers.

Here are some ways Reframe's AI agents can identify emerging high net worth individuals open to high-risk, high-reward investments:
  • Analyze local real estate listings to uncover young professionals purchasing homes well above their presumed income level, indicating assets from investments or an exit.
  • Review angel and venture capital databases to find individuals who have invested in multiple startups. Their appetite for private equity signifies high risk tolerance.
  • Scan business journals, tech blogs, and SEC filings to identify founders and early employees whose companies recently had acquisition exits, IPOs, or large funding rounds.
  • Search cryptocurrency forums and communities for users discussing large holdings or trading strategies. Their active crypto involvement points to risk-seeking behavior.
  • Look for individuals with a series of successful exits from startup roles on their LinkedIn profile. Serial entrepreneurs have experience managing risky investments.
  • Attend local startup pitch events and tech mixers to network with founders and investors excited by high-growth opportunities.
  • Follow micro-VC and angel investor thought leaders on social media to source deals and find like-minded prospects.
  • Check for membership in exclusive entrepreneurship groups like YPO and Entrepreneurs' Organization as indicators of success and appetite for risk.
With Reframe, wealth managers can take the guesswork out of finding prospects who have already achieved success through calculated risk-taking. By positioning yourself as an advisor who speaks their language, you can earn their trust to manage a portion of their capital in private markets and other alternative investments.!


With Reframe, you can strike quickly when new movers are looking for wealth management services in your area. Our AI agents even suggest talking points you can use during your outreach based on what they learned about each lead.
Let Reframe's AI agents do the heavy lifting so you can focus on high-value activities like client meetings. Research shows that contacting a lead within 5 minutes of identifying them makes you 100x more likely to convert that lead into a customer. Reframe allows you to act swiftly when leads are hot rather than letting your competitors scoop them up.
Empower your team to close more deals and increase AUM by leveraging Reframe for lead research. The AI agents handle the grunt work so you can focus on landing new clients. Schedule a demo today to learn more about how Reframe can accelerate your deal flow.