Reframe Quickstart

ReframeAI makes it fast and easy to build workflows powered by AI. With our intuitive visual interface and AI building blocks, you can automate manual processes and generate insights from your data.

Signing Up

First, sign up for a free LeapTable account. You can register with your email or Google/GitHub credentials.
Once registered, you'll be taken to the Reframe editor to start building.

Creating Your First Workflow

Let's build a simple workflow to extract keywords from a text document.
  1. Drag the Upload block into the editor. Configure it to accept a .txt file as input.
  1. Add the Extract Keywords block. This will analyze the text and output the top keywords.
  1. Connect the blocks by dragging from the bottom of the Upload block to Extract Keywords.
  1. Click Run Workflow and upload a .txt file to see the keyword extraction in action!

Adding AI Building Blocks

Reframe has dozens of AI building blocks you can mix and match:
  • Text: Sentiment Analysis, Translation, Summarization, and more.
  • Vision: Image Classification, Object Detection, Face Recognition.
  • Data: SQL Query, Data Validation, Transform, Reporting.
  • Cloud: PDF Conversion, Web Scraping, File Compression.
Just drag in the blocks you need and connect them to construct your workflows.

Managing and Sharing

In the Reframe sidebar you can rename and organize your workflows into folders.
Turn workflows into APIs to generate embeddings or detect objects on demand.
Easily share workflows with teammates and collaborate!
That's it! With Reframe you can automate manual data tasks, generate insights, and build intelligent APIs fast. Sign up now to supercharge your workflows with AI.