Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate

As a busy commercial real estate agent, you know that time is money. The hours you spend researching potential clients and tracking down key decision makers can feel endless. But what if you could instantly gather intelligence on every promising lead without lifting a finger?
With Reframe, AI agents do the heavy lifting so you can focus on landing deals. Simply upload your list of target companies to Reframe's spreadsheet interface. Then kick back while virtual assistants get to work researching and evaluating each one.
Here's what Reframe's AI agents can uncover for you in seconds:
  • Recent funding events, mergers and acquisitions - Signs a company is expanding
  • Press releases and news articles related to growth plans
  • LinkedIn profiles of key executives and decision makers
  • Existing office locations and space requirements

In-depth Lead Research for Positive Signals

Reframe’s browser agents allow you to instantly perform in-depth research on companies showing signs of expansion, such as recent funding events or mergers/acquisitions. For example, /browser agents can rapidly pull up and analyze press releases to determine new funding amounts, scan news articles mentioning growth plans, and visit competitor sites that a company is monitoring.
The LinkedIn search agents can provide additional signals by looking up key executives and decision makers who joined a company following a major funding round. They can also uncover employee growth rates and new office locations linked to expansion plans.
The LinkedIn agents don’t just identify new executives - they also analyze recent hiring trends across the entire company. For instance, if a company ramps up hiring for roles like "Office Manager" or "Facilities Coordinator" in a specific city, it’s a strong indicator of imminent office growth needs.
Even if some new hires are remote workers, a spike in local operational roles shows the company is building out physical infrastructure to support headcount growth in that area. The agents are smart enough to distinguish between regional and non-location-specific hiring, as well as roles that require on-site presence.
So if the LinkedIn search reveals a flurry of new in-office hires in your city aligned to an expansion event like a funding round, it’s a high-confidence signal worth pursuing. The AI helps surface these types of meaningful patterns within seconds, saving you hours of manual research and letting you focus on high-potential deals.

Removing Negative Signals from your Lead Pipeline

The Google search agents don’t just look for growth indicators—they also screen for red flags like layoffs or downsizing announcements. For example, if a search query turns up fresh news reports of the company planning job cuts or office closures, it’s a clear negative signal.
Even if other factors seem promising, layoff announcements likely indicate the company is cutting costs and capacity, not expanding. The AI agents automatically flag these types of negative search results so you can filter out high-risk leads.
Removing companies with contraction signals ensures you focus prospecting on targets with the highest likelihood of needing new office space. The Google search agents handle this screening efficiently in the background, parsing through news and announcements so you avoid wasting time on leads unlikely to convert.
By leveraging AI to surface both positive and negative signals, Reframe provides a holistic 360-degree view of each potential client. This enables precision lead prioritization so you reach out only to verified high-potential prospects. The automated intelligence saves time while optimizing deal closure rates.

Aggregate Statistics and Pictures

Finally, Google search agents help round out the picture by aggregating relevant statistics, local business listings, hiring announcements and other useful data indicating a company's growth trajectory.
With Reframe, you have an army of virtual assistants at your fingertips gathering these valuable intelligence signals and more. You’ll instantly know which companies have the money, plans and leadership in place to necessitate new commercial real estate in the near future. The AI does the work so you can focus on high-value prospecting.


Win more business with less grind. Reframe's AI assistant for CRE agents filters and prioritizes leads instantly so you can focus on deals with maximum potential. Act now before competitors beat you to promising targets. Let artificial intelligence work for you, not the other way around. The future of commercial real estate prospecting is now.