Financial Research

Financial Research

Intro: As a financial research analyst, you know that researching companies thoroughly is critical to making informed investment recommendations. However, with hundreds of companies to research, the process can be extremely time-consuming. That's where Reframe comes in. Reframe is a powerful no-code database powered by AI agents that can automate and streamline your company research process.

Easily Upload Your Target Company List

To start, simply upload your list of target companies to Reframe. Reframe's database will store this master list and enable you to initiate research tasks across all of your companies with just a few clicks. No more tracking hundreds of individual companies in spreadsheets!

Leverage Dozens of AI Agents to Research Companies

Once your target list is loaded, you can activate Reframe's army of AI agents to research each company. Here are just some of the tasks you can automate:

Searching the Web for Relevant News and Events

Reframe's intelligent research agents can scour the web for news, events, leadership changes, scandals, lawsuits, product launches, and more related to your target companies.
For example, the agents can perform customized Google searches using advanced operators and parameters. So you could instruct the agents to search for recent scandals, lawsuits, or controversies surrounding a company. The agents can parse the results, summarize any relevant findings, and add them to the company's profile in Reframe.
The agents excel at discovering important events that may not show up in financial databases. For instance, they can check industry news sites daily for executive appointments/departures, new product announcements, clinical trial results, facility openings/closings, and partnerships. News of a CEO stepping down or major product recall would be crucial insights for further analysis.
You can also direct agents to search social media for trending complaints, criticisms, or praise for a company. They can evaluate sentiment across platforms like Twitter to gauge public perception.
The AI behind the agents enables them to understand context and make judgments on which search results are worth documenting. You don't have to sift through irrelevant pages yourself. The most important discoveries will be automatically logged and categorized within each company's profile.

Visiting competitor sites to analyze product reviews

A key part of researching a company is analyzing its product portfolio and how it stacks up against competitors. Reframe makes this easy by enabling its AI agents to autonomously visit competitor sites and extract insights from customer reviews.
For example, let's say you're researching ACME Pharmaceuticals and want to analyze reviews for their top-selling drug. You can instruct Reframe agents to visit sites like, WebMD, and Reddit to compile reviews for that drug and key competitors.
Here are some specific examples of how you could utilize multiple agents to conduct thorough competitor research:
  1. Identify competitors for each company:
    1. Upload list of target companies to Reframe.
    2. Instruct Agent 1 to search Crunchbase for each company and extract competitor names in a separate row
    3. Instruct Agent 2 to search news articles for each company for any competitor mentions
    4. Instruct Agent 3 to visit the company's website and parse names of any competitors listed
    5. Compile results from all agents to build a competitor list for each company
  1. Analyze each competitor:
    1. For each competitor identified in Step 1, instruct Agent 1 to search for and extract basic info like headquarters, employee count, and revenue
    2. Instruct Agent 2 to find the competitor's website and return the URL
    3. Instruct Agent 3 to visit the competitor's website and extract details on top products and services offered
    4. Instruct Agent 4 to search for any recent news events related to the competitor (funding, lawsuits, etc.)
    5. Instruct Agent 5 to visit review sites like Glassdoor to compile ratings and reviews for the competitor
  1. Evaluate competitor products:
    1. For each top product/service identified in Step 2, instruct Agent 1 to search for product reviews on sites like Amazon, Best Buy and CNET
    2. Instruct Agent 2 to return an analysis of review sentiment and key pros/cons mentioned
    3. Instruct Agent 3 to search tech blogs for any product reviews or comparisons
    4. Instruct Agent 4 to visit the competitor's website and pricing info for the product
    5. Compile results to compare competitors on product reviews, pricing, and sentiment
The key is sequencing the right tasks across multiple agents to build robust competitor profiles. The agents work in parallel to complete research on entire lists of companies much faster.

Tapping into LinkedIn for Organizational Research

One of Reframe's most powerful agents focuses solely on mining LinkedIn for organizational insights. For any target company, you can direct this agent to:
  • Search for and compile profiles of C-suite executives and top managers. The agent will summarize employment history, education, skills, and more. This gives visibility into the leadership team's background.
  • Chart out organizational hierarchies and structures. The agent can diagram who reports to who based on profile relationship data. It can also identify department heads and track cross-functional moves.
  • Analyze employee tenure and turnover. By comparing dates across profiles, the agent can calculate average tenure and identify if any major departments have seen excessive turnover lately.
  • Search for former employees and scrape their profiles. You can uncover if key leaders have left recently. The agent can also classify their new companies/industries to watch for talent flow.
  • Gauge company culture and morale via anonymous reviews on Glassdoor. Employees often leave candid feedback on workplace pros/cons. The agent can perform sentiment analysis to highlight positive and negative themes.
The AI agents can collect and compile all of this data in one place for each company.

Monitor and Manage Research from One Dashboard

The Reframe dashboard allows you to monitor the progress of all your AI agents in real-time. You'll be able to see which companies still require further research versus those with complete profiles. You can also manually intervene at any time to adjust research parameters or assign specific tasks to certain agents.


Reframe turns a manual, disjointed company research process into a streamlined, automated workflow. By leveraging AI agents, you can research hundreds of companies faster and more efficiently. This allows you to spend less time collecting data and more time analyzing it to make smart investment decisions. Give Reframe a try to take your financial research to the next level!