Supercharge Your B2B Sales Prospecting with Reframe

Supercharge Your B2B Sales Prospecting with Reframe


Prospecting and qualifying leads is one of the most important yet time-consuming parts of the sales process. As a B2B sales rep or founder, you need to efficiently identify potential customers, do research on them, and determine if they are a good fit before reaching out. This process can take hours of web searches, LinkedIn stalking, and piecing together information from various sources. But what if there was a better way?
Enter Reframe - the AI-powered no-code database that automates lead research and qualification. Reframe allows you to upload a list of target companies and leverage dozens of AI agents to parallel process prospecting and due diligence. In just minutes, Reframe can uncover employee contact info, analyze product reviews, monitor news events, and deliver custom reports on each company. This frees up your time to focus on actually connecting with qualified prospects.

Identify and Research Prospects

Simply upload your target account list to Reframe. The AI agents immediately get to work identifying key contacts at each company and compiling information like LinkedIn profiles, email addresses, and phone numbers. No more endlessly searching on LinkedIn or guessing email conventions!
To concretely show you how, reframe can simplify the process of researching and qualifying leads, consider the following scenarios.

Example 1: Compliance Software Startup Use Case

Assume Sarah is an account executive at a regulatory compliance software startup. Her ideal customers are mid-market banks, insurance companies, and financial services firms. Compliance is a huge pain point for these highly-regulated industries. She uploads a list of 50 mid-size banks she wants to prospect to Reframe. The AI agents get to work scraping each bank's website:
  • The language analysis agent extracts key compliance-related keywords and phrases from the content, like "regulatory mandates", "risk management framework", "compliance audits".
  • The web scraping agent catalogues any compliance certifications listed on the site like SOC 2, PCI DSS, ISO 27001.
  • The content analyzer tracks mentions of compliance projects, case studies, and thought leadership blogs.
  • The visual extractor grabs screenshots of compliance web pages and document downloads.
Reframe's AI engine compares findings across the 50 sites and assigns each bank a compliance score. Banks with more certifications, projects, keywords and content get higher scores.
Sarah can now tier her list based on compliance scores:
  • Tier 1 (High score): 15 banks with clear compliance needs based on website intel - prioritize outreach
  • Tier 2 (Mid score): 20 banks discussing compliance but not as strongly - consider follow up
  • Tier 3 (Low score): 15 banks with minimal compliance indicators - may not be ideal prospects
For the Tier 1 high scoring banks, Reframe compiled custom profiles with website highlights, screenshots, and content extracts to reference in her outreach.
In just a few minutes, Sarah effectively researched 50 prospects in parallel - understanding their compliance needs at scale. This is the power of Reframe for targeted B2B prospecting and lead gen.

Example 2: Cyber Security Software

John works at CySecure, a cybersecurity startup selling AI-powered threat detection solutions. He uploads a target list of 200 manufacturing companies to prospect.
Reframe's AI agents get to work identifying key contacts at each company by scraping LinkedIn and company sites. The agents also pull any cybersecurity job postings, indicating a hiring need.
The news monitoring agent tracks security breaches, outages, and hacking events related to the target companies. Last month, Acme Manufacturing experienced a malware attack that halted production. Reframe immediately alerts John about the incident.
John reaches out to his contact at Acme Manufacturing the next day, referring to the breach and offering a demo of CySecure’s threat detection. His timely, relevant outreach results in a sales meeting.
For the rest of John’s target list, Reframe’s AI technology continues to monitor security news, events, leadership changes, and trigger alerts.
When Beta Manufacturing acquires a company, Reframe notifies John of the announcement, prompting him to reach out to discuss expanded cybersecurity needs post-merger.
By leveraging Reframe’s automated news and trigger monitoring, John is able to break through the noise for timely, relevant outreach. The AI-powered alerts enable him to capitalize on events that influence security purchasing decisions.
This combination of target list prospecting, contact research, and real-time trigger alerting makes Reframe a game changer for B2B sales teams like CySecure looking to scale outbound efforts.

Qualify and Prioritize Leads

Based on your ideal customer profile, Reframe can help you automatically score and prioritize each prospect. Key qualifying criteria like company size, industry, tech stack, and reviews help you determine which leads are most sales-ready.
You can instantly filter and sort prospects based on these qualification factors. Focus your efforts on outreaching to the accounts that are the best fit.
To concretely show you how, reframe can simplify the process of researching and qualifying leads, consider the following scenarios.

Example: Developer Tools B2B startup

Assume that Mike is an account executive for DeveloperTools, a startup selling AI infrastructure like GPUs and machine learning platforms to other companies building AI products.
Mike gets a lot of signups and newsletter subscribers that are minimally qualified leads. He doesn't have time to manually research each one to determine if they truly have a need for DeveloperTools' offerings.
Instead, Mike decides to use Reframe's AI assistant to automate researching and qualifying his inbound leads. First, he simply uploads the target list to Reframe or connects Reframe to his website signup and email subscription data to sync these contacts.
Reframe enhances each record by searching LinkedIn and Clearbit to append titles, roles, and company info.
Next, Reframe invokes an AI agent to visit the prospect company websites. The agent scrapes current job postings, scanning for relevant roles like "machine learning engineer" that indicate an AI focus.
Another agent searches press releases and news mentions for any announcements about AI projects or initiatives at the target companies. The agent also looks for tech stack details that may reveal existing AI tools in use.
Reframe can also run competitors like Crunchbase to map out the prospect's technology landscape and see if they are investing in AI already.
The assistant gathers all this data to generate an "AI adoption score" for each contact. Reframe filters and ranks the leads by this score, only passing to sales those demonstrating strong AI opportunities.
Finally, the qualified leads are synced into your CRM alongside the supporting research on tech stack, initiatives, and key roles. This gives sales the credible insights they need to have meaningful conversations with technical prospects.
So by leveraging Reframe's AI assistant, Mike is able to take unqualified leads from his startup's inbound sources and efficiently qualify and prioritize the accounts with the strongest potential to buy their AI developer tools. This allows him and his sales team to focus their outbound efforts on qualified prospects rather than wasting time cold calling any inbound lead.


Prospecting is a time-intensive but essential sales activity. Reframe gives B2B sales reps and founders a major edge by automating lead research and qualification. If you're looking to scale your outbound efforts, reduce manual prospecting, and only connect with highly qualified accounts, Reframe is the game-changing AI solution your sales workflow needs.